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Restaurants and more, delivered to your door

Local delivery in under 60 minutes or your fee is waived!

1. Download our app and create a free account

2. Order from your favorite restaurant

3. Delivery in under 60 minutes, hassle-free

Learn why Oklahoma Delivery is great for your restaurant

Grow your business and reach new customers by partnering with us.

Fast deliveries

Driver pick-up within minutes.

Certified riders

Vetted drivers, only the best for our customers.

Instant payments

Don't wait weeks (or months) for payment. Get paid instantly!

Low fees

We don't charge high partner fees. We

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A delicious burger is one tap away! πŸ”

Discover local, on-demand delivery or pick-up from restaurants, nearby grocery and convenience stores, and more.

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Our features

Oklahoma Delivery is great for you! 😎

Express delivery

Delivery in under 60 minutes or your fee is waived!

Safely delivered

All drivers are properly trained before delivering food.

Special discounts

Daily deals pushed through in-app notifications! Download our app here.

More dishes

We offer the widest selection of restaurants and brands in the state!

Exclusive restaurants

We've partnered with your favorite people to deliver tasty food! Order here.

and much more!

Meal delivery, grocery delivery, snack delivery, taxi services, and more!

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Hassle-free restaurant management

Order management

Don't get lost in the tablets. Enjoy our all-in-one solution for delivery orders. Track sales daily.

POS integration

Receive orders directly in your POS of choice. Our team is ready to assist you in linking everything up!

Super convenient food delivery! πŸ˜‹

Awesome rewards!

Redeem your points for unique experiences or free food. Enjoy tickets to sporting events, concerts and more!

Track you delivery!

Keep up with your order from the time you place it to the time its at your place.

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See what Oklahomans think about Oklahoma Delivery.

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We value our restaurant partners and your margins. We offer industry-low service fees to help you get mobile.